china printing

China printing

    Printing is a quite large industry,not only with different printing methods inside the printing fields,also it refer to many related industries and play more important role in business &ordinary life.From the original printing invention in China ancient times,China printing develops more and more, and getting one big industry in China!

    China printing gradually form 3 printing industry zones,one in the Pearl River Delta,especially at GuangDong province such GuangZhou city and ShenZhen city,second zone is yangtze river delta and lead by ShangHai city,the third printing zone in China is bohai sea region and take Beijing the lead.Above the 3 printing zones, Pearl River Delta zone develops more fast and strong,and becomes top printing zone in China!

    20years ago, printing industry in Pearl River Delta is still quite young,take the whole printing output value in 1987 year for example,with more than 2100 printing factories in GuangDong province,total amount is only USD1.12 Billion,have no advantage compared with other inshore cities,but later with more than 20years big jump development, Pearl River Delta printing industry have more unparalleled strength in China! There are some reasons,firstly the most important is the good location,GuangDong is at the southeast China,being 2hours trip from Hong Kong.The ultra-modern GuangZhou airport handles more than 110 airlines.It's port rank among the top 20countries terminals in the world,only about 2 weeks to Oceania countires&USA&Canada;Secondly as close to HongKong,with good government policy and cheap workers cost in GuangDong,there comes more capital to printing fields,brings not money also the high technology.

    With more than 20years development,the output value of printing industry in GuangDong province comes to USD12 Billion,10times than before!and overseas printing business amount take more than 30% of it.Printers have more ability to choose the most advanced press equipment and high technology,such us Sun Fly printing,we have more than 5sets Heidelberg CP2000 press,full binding lines,finishing lines,supply from output CTP,printing,binding,finishing to packing whole process service,and with growing and people requirements,printers will take a part to develop digital printing as well in the future.Pearl River Delta printing zone is becoming to world printing center! Take more responsibility leading in the whole world printing!

    Printing in China is the printing trends in world,not only save your cost,supply you the high quality printing work,it will brings your company more world strategy development in future!